About IngredientSpy.com

IngredientSpy.com helps you choose the very best beauty and skin products for your particular needs by providing easy to understand ingredient reports. If you'd like to get in touch, please use the contact form!

Where does the ingredients data come from? Most of the data was retrieved from the National Institutes of Health database. Other sources used include online and offline research publications.

What do you consider bad ingredients? All ingredients which are proven to have negative effects in a scientific manner are shown as 'unfavorable', even if they also have good qualities. Products which contain such ingredients are scored lower.

What do you consider natural ingredients? There are many definitions regarding what ingredients are considered natural out there and unfortunately there isn't one official version. We consider ingredients to be natural if they are derived directly from nature, using a process which can be recreated in a person's kitchen (without major lab treatment).

How are products scored? IngredientSpy.com uses a proprietary formula to estimate the value of a product based on several things we believe in.

  • Natural ingredients are valued more than synthetic ones.
  • It's better to use ingredients with no bad side effects.
  • The ingredients' benefits should match the purpose of the product.

We hope that you find this service useful and valuable. Go ahead and explore!